Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Its frustrating... i am at loss of words, quite literally! How much hard I try, and how much badly I want to, but I simply am not able to write! Writers block is what I have heard a lot about, but dude... I aint no writer, am just a stupid fellow off the street, wanting to vent his thoughts.

So whats stopping me? Nothing, absolutely nothing but a small mass of shit, ruling from right at the top of this huge frame of body. Yeah, a mass of crap which is behaving for quite some time now! No real activity at the top, dumbness galore, I feel numb at times, by the sheer neglect it shows to any signal to work, to act, to think, to basically do the bare minimum and the simplest of the promised jumbo set of super-speciality tasks!!

It simply refuses to budge, no activity, no response, no signal... at times I feel like I bloody lost it in some crowded place and forgot to search for it! Also a high probability that I lost the communication channel to it somehow! Number changed? Network Down? Just a simple plain dumb unplugged? Dont bloody know!!

Yeah, I miss it! I just hope its a simple rusting issue, and not a major one like complete loss! But I miss it, it was good till it was there, served fairly well. Used to be quite responsive, sometimes I felt proud of it as well. Ahhh... I really miss it :(

Hope I figure out some way to get it back soon!


Kapil said...

Dude its OK. Relax!!!
I guess there is a time for everything and our surroundings and environment change according to the current needs. There are a whole lot of energies around us that adapt to the change faster than us; and help us move on. You have moved on, and because writing is your passion, you'll come across it again; and everything will change again for good. :-)

Saurabh said...

thanks for the positive energy sir :) guess writing was just a metaphor... blocked mind is bad generally!! just trying to clear negative energies, and your motivation helps definitely :)