Thursday, February 05, 2009

Life is a bitch!!

Ahhh, I know... that was never my idea of life!! and believe me, its not, even now ;) Its just a plain dumb question I am asking, do u really feel life is a bitch?

We go through life, looking out for ways to overcome the difficulties it brings along, trying to shake off the jitters it gives us, reasoning out the sudden shocks it presents us with. We try to live by the moment, or some of us, try to plan out things, to ensure a smooth life... but the end goal, always is to live life to the fullest, in a way that best suits our thoughts, our philosophies. But, more often then not, life has its own ideas, its own goals for you, its own paths and its own ways... which, we probably never discount for, when deciding our own goals for life!!

How many times, have you decided, that this is what I want to achieve... and how many times, have you realized that your goals have been tossed out and you are completely in a new, different territory, a different thought process, and are forced in a direction, which you probably never looked into... at times, completely opposite to your planned path towards your set goals?

How many times, you felt that you got a new lease thanks to the sudden event that happened, or an unexpected thing that forced you to go in probably a better direction than you ever thought?

Well, an old saying goes,"Man proposes, God disposes", how many times in life you felt this to be a true statement?

Have you ever sat down, and compared what you planned for your career, and where is it headed? Have you ever sat down and analysed, what you asked for, as your life partner, and the one you got? Have you ever, stood up, and revolted, against the way you are forced to live your life, as it doesnt match to what you once promised yourself, or the loved one?

Well, probably at times you would really have done most of this, and even more... but how many times, you really think you actually realized, that what you even fought for, is not what exactly you wanted?? How many times you felt, the best effort you put in, was for balancing what life presented you, rather then what you wanted it to do for you??

A plethora of questions, overwhelming emotions, due to situations, that life presents you with... surprises, shocks and what not... life decides its own course for you, and you, just keep on following... sensing victories in defeats of your ideas, your wishes... celebrations of victories, life had over your plans...

But, have you ever really felt bad about it?? Not me, for sure, for all the decisions, of life for me, tend to fall in place... for all the new directions it give, seems to take me ahead!! Life's a bitch, but alas... I love her :)