Wednesday, April 08, 2009


she was running frantically, her heart pacing to keep up with the blood flow... she was sweating heavy, all her clothes wet by sweat, her blue slippers had turned red, blood trail from the injury on left feet she suffered on course of this escape was making it a cakewalk to trace her... the dark on this stretch was particularly frightening, it was becoming harder for her to run any further, she was feeling weak in knees, her brain was not responding to anything... horrified, she had even stopped looking up to the heavens, the dark cloudy sky was making her even more petrified... all her prayers were begging for one angel soul!!

from a distance, she could hear some voices, with all the energy she was left with, she ran towards the voices... the air was clearing, she could hear some familiar words, the dialect was also like her own... a bit of an accent, but very local... she could now see a group of youths walking on the road, probably coming back from some party... all were looking like those familiar people, the ones she is so comfortable hanging out with...she thanked god, and shouted out to them... angels, she would have thought, guys she said at the top of her voice, before falling flat on the ground... the one with dimple on right cheek resembled so much to her cute friend, the one who once professed having a crush on her... she felt in safe hands, she was relieved, still breathing frantically, trying to control her heart beats, slowly coming back in shape! shadow of a bearded, frail man was looming from the dark... she got scared again, pointing her fingers in the direction she was coming from... they were quick, immediately sat in the car, and moved her away from the dangerous shadow!

she opened her eyes, dull walls, a weird smell surrounded her... it was a familiar smell, probably of a hospital? and it was paining badly also, she felt like she had been asleep for days, but whats this pain, she never felt it before!! good morning, said someone... yeah, its the hospital, the voice from the nurse... "dont worry, you will be alright, they have been arrested, such animals, god will punish them!", the nurse told her, sympathetically... and handed a letter to her, it was her boyfriends! she was dumbfounded, crying badly after reading it... Goodbye, forever! but why would he leave me, what did I do? her thoughts oscillating b/w her boyfriend, the guy with cute smile and the bearded goon... when suddenly, the nurse put on the TV, and she saw the images of the bearded goon, being flashed all over... the pain was getting unbearable, she was bleeding... she shouted, amidst realization, that she had gone through the worst she couldn't even had imagined, that bloody night... he is dead, told the news reporter, adding that police chief termed him as the real hero!! simultaneous shock waves trembled her, but before she could react any further, she saw image of that cute guy, along with the rest of the gang, being taken away... she froze!

a police officer came to pay visit to her, he had that small paper, the reason for her getting late that night... her appointment letter, which she was clinging to so dearly, but somehow she dropped it in the metro... and that poor illiterate guy, he thought it was very important for her!! ahhh, she thought, and I was running scared of him... poor fellow, and hero, coz he was the one, who saved her, from those decent looking creeps, he followed them too, on foot... saved her, a weird thought ran through, they didnt succeed in their nasty intentions, he saved her... but bleeding? it was him, who got injured, just a small cut she suffered!!

her thoughts were not clear, the bearded goon, that cute guy, her boyfriend...

she talks to them all, beards, dimples, but not to people anymore, she doesnt recognize anyone... the doctor at the rehab she is in, says she would be fine one day, but even she cant tell when!!