Thursday, November 20, 2008

I am lovin it!

It has happened, and how? They start pretty early, specially the seniors around, bugging you, prodding you on every chance they get! They start even before you understand what it means, what it entails, and they continue till "you" get tired, coz. they are the pros!

Tired, I certainly was, of the constant nagging, and bugging, but surely not so tired to be forced into it... what I always wanted was, to understand the scenario myself, to know the consequences, to understand the responsibilities, to prepare for the luxuries, or the shambles, whatever it might bring!! But it did finally happen, at precisely the time it was bound to happen!

Yeah, I agree, I might have given in, but thanks heavens, I didnt have to :) It all just happened in such a perfect synch, at such perfect timings, could not believe I would ever be thanking the stars ;)

But thanking the stars, I certainly am, for I dont think it could have been any better then this... I was never told about the beauty of it all, I never expected to love it so dearly! Have you ever felt the need to pinch yourself? Ahhh, such a relieved man I am :)

Life is beautiful, even in the lows, which are few and far between, even in the mess, which is mostly at bay... life is interesting, even during the lull, which just happens when the excitement comes down a bit... life has found a new meaning, even during the phase of understanding life!!

Have I met life yet?? Am still not sure, but am sure have covered a few good steps towards it... and it has happened pretty fast, and I am surely lovin it :D

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