Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ease of (co)existence!!

It aint easy, to exist, we hardly manage to stay put,right? Anyways, cant say what u think about it, but i feel its a constant struggle of existence, that has brought the mankind this far, at a stage, where we are trying to challenge mother nature in a way!!

So, what about coexistence, is that easy?? Well well, a classical thing, can the mankind take credit for doing it all alone? How much of the credit are we ready to give for our existence, to coexistence with other species or even the non-living matter around? Haa, but we sure are ready to accept and credit the co-existence with the unknown, be it spirits, ghosts or the superpowers!! ;P

Well, lets not even talk about different species, are we even ready to credit other people of our own species?? The compartments that exists, at various different levels, be it cast, creed or race, be it class or be it a plain simple geographical boundaries, how much of the credit are we ready to give to the "others" for us being what we are?

What credit dude, we are not even ready to accept the coexistence, not ready to understand the benefits it brings, not ready to value the importance of coexistence!! Just look around, we are constantly fighting, for alienating ourselves from the bigger picture, what an irony!!