Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Our "Leaders"

Another day, another blast, a few more people dead, the same reactions from our "leaders". A handful of terrorists, a billion plus country, its economic capital, its crawling!! Its a shame, its disheartening, its a tight slap for us, who "choose" our "leaders", and slept blissfully... C'mon India, wakeup now, its high time we take charge, its high time we discard these menaces from society, and take the leap towards becoming a true democracy!!

Someone said, I hope that the upcoming elections bring a new strong government at the helm of affairs... High hopes, I would say!! do we see the current leadership, in the political mindset of votes and constituencies, with just an eye on the chair, and back towards the country, being capable enough of weeding out the fangs of terrorism?? we need the people of this country to unite and fight against the menace!!

What an irony, these politicians very successfully divided even terrorists on communal lines, now we have "Islamic" terrorists and "Hindu" terrorists!! Congratulations! terrorists got baptized, they got religion now, soon they will have their own gods too!!

Wtf man!! Its disgusting, to say the least... c'mon, give us a break!! or atleast urselves a break!! Dont you guys ever feel disgusted on ur own thought streams?? You never feel shameful on the cowardy acts of fooling the janta you try to enact all the time?? You never feel the need to wash yourselves of the sins of murders of so many innocent people that happen because of your inaction? You never feel angry while seeing the insane, mindless, bundle of crap, useless person you see in the mirror daily?

I am Married :D

A post, on the most important topic of our current lives, "marriage", by someone really really special, "my wife" ;)

Enjoy! :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

random scribbles!!

khushiyaan haasil karne ka gham, hai is zindagi pe nahin isse bada koi sitam!
har lamha ye mehbooba ke hothon pe raqeeb ke naam se nahin hai kam!!

haath badao, hoth hilao, muskurahatein khud-ba-khud aaengi,
aankh dholo, dil ki khidkiyaan kholo, zindagi badi khushgawar nazar aayegi :)

aansuon se dushmani mat karna, ye gham ko nikaltey hain!!
par dosti ke laayak bhi nahin, ye hassi ko bhi chupaatey hain!!!

zindagi main zindagi se ek mulaqaat ki khwaaish hai,
in kambakht hassi aur gham ko samajhaney ki guzaarish hai!!

aaj 2 kadam humney badaye hain teri aur ae zindagi,
tu aajaye to tayyar hoon, karunga main teri bandagi!!

I am lovin it!

It has happened, and how? They start pretty early, specially the seniors around, bugging you, prodding you on every chance they get! They start even before you understand what it means, what it entails, and they continue till "you" get tired, coz. they are the pros!

Tired, I certainly was, of the constant nagging, and bugging, but surely not so tired to be forced into it... what I always wanted was, to understand the scenario myself, to know the consequences, to understand the responsibilities, to prepare for the luxuries, or the shambles, whatever it might bring!! But it did finally happen, at precisely the time it was bound to happen!

Yeah, I agree, I might have given in, but thanks heavens, I didnt have to :) It all just happened in such a perfect synch, at such perfect timings, could not believe I would ever be thanking the stars ;)

But thanking the stars, I certainly am, for I dont think it could have been any better then this... I was never told about the beauty of it all, I never expected to love it so dearly! Have you ever felt the need to pinch yourself? Ahhh, such a relieved man I am :)

Life is beautiful, even in the lows, which are few and far between, even in the mess, which is mostly at bay... life is interesting, even during the lull, which just happens when the excitement comes down a bit... life has found a new meaning, even during the phase of understanding life!!

Have I met life yet?? Am still not sure, but am sure have covered a few good steps towards it... and it has happened pretty fast, and I am surely lovin it :D

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Its a SHAME!!

"Blast hua, dhuaan uttha, shor macha, ab to ye normal si baat hai... ab darr nahin lagta, ye to hona hi hai, ye to hota hi hai, ye to hota hi rahega!!" -- A shopkeeper, whose shop in GK-1 market was one of those affected by the latest blasts that happened in delhi!!

What should I say more? This indeed is shameful, for we are talking about a posh market in New Delhi, the capital city of a country that boasts itself as the next "superpower of the world"!! But unfortunately, this is the grim and sad reality, life has lost its value in this country, where superficial things have become more important for the political class, then the well being of its people! Where blasts have become more frequent then the public transport buses!! Where people no longer look upto the leaders to be strong enough to stop rowdiness in the country, leave alone terrorism! Where any a*****e can get up, decide and bring the whole country to standstill, and the government will keep on sleeping!! Where, leaders are more consumed by a film actors statements, and reaction to those then to plight of the commoner, not having access to bare basics!! Where the media is busier by the day, looking into everything from magic tricks, to miracles, to non existent threat to mankind, to what not!!! Where the ministers can be awarded honours for exemplary courage they display in being extremely callous to the voters plights!! Where, the day starts and ends with prayers, as only some superpower beyond knows how this country is still running!!

The list is endless, but how does it help? No one, just no one is going to listen, it doesnt matter to them!! Some lives dont count in this country of a billion plus to these politicians, thats a vote less from the total, doesnt change the percent dynamics! Let them sleep, let them jet set on world visits, let them stuff up their bank accounts with as much as they can from the public money, let them keep on fighting for the insignificant issues, let them enjoy the luxuries of high office, let them have the courage to still face the nation with the shameless repetition of same old statements, they have so mercilessly mugged up all this while, let them be on their path of nirvana from the tyrannies of life of common man!!

But hey, let us come out of the slumber, let us all not repeat the statement I started off with!! This cant be a routine normal thing, this has to end, and this should end now! But how, let us work towards it, lets stop relying on these bunch of fools who call us our representatives, lets take the charge, and try to change a few things?

I propose a no confidence motion against all our current leaders, part of government, or out of it!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ease of (co)existence!!

It aint easy, to exist, we hardly manage to stay put,right? Anyways, cant say what u think about it, but i feel its a constant struggle of existence, that has brought the mankind this far, at a stage, where we are trying to challenge mother nature in a way!!

So, what about coexistence, is that easy?? Well well, a classical thing, can the mankind take credit for doing it all alone? How much of the credit are we ready to give for our existence, to coexistence with other species or even the non-living matter around? Haa, but we sure are ready to accept and credit the co-existence with the unknown, be it spirits, ghosts or the superpowers!! ;P

Well, lets not even talk about different species, are we even ready to credit other people of our own species?? The compartments that exists, at various different levels, be it cast, creed or race, be it class or be it a plain simple geographical boundaries, how much of the credit are we ready to give to the "others" for us being what we are?

What credit dude, we are not even ready to accept the coexistence, not ready to understand the benefits it brings, not ready to value the importance of coexistence!! Just look around, we are constantly fighting, for alienating ourselves from the bigger picture, what an irony!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Life is Gud ;)

Life as we know it, has its own ways, of moving, of running, of taking new turns, onto a new direction, adding some different dimensions. At times this new dimension leaves you worried, sometimes u are disappointed, at some other times, u feel frustrated, at some twists it brings, u feel relieved as well. As for me, I am feeling excited and ecstatic at where life has lead me, or rather I should say, us to :)

Yeah yeah, u guessed it right, my life has just become "our" life, and the one who in ways more then one, completed the I and gave this latest Us turn to my life, is a very special person known popularly as Vidhi Ahuja and soon, we are taking the big step :)

We seek your blessings :)

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Neutral Love!!

An innocuous question I asked, "what wud u call no feelings for someone or something? neutral love?? " snowballed into a major controversy ;P But what was on your mind?? What do you really mean by neutral love?? Why the hell such a stupid thing even crossed your mind?? What do you mean by controversy?? I know, I know, u wanna swarm me with many questions, but please bear with me for sometime, I'll try to answer all your queries :->

Well, first, think about it, what is love?? I know, the same old stupid question, so we wont go deep into it, a simple definition says, love is "a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend". Simple, aint it ;-> Ok, so u have a feeling of attachement, or affection called love, now what is meant by hate?? Simple, a strong dislike for something is hate, in other words, its just the opposite of love!! Its all pretty simple haan, aint it?? But alas, its us dear friends, human beings, living in complex maze of emotions, and
feelings, which cant be summed up so simply, right? But dont worry, we will try to unravel the mysteries ;->

Ok, so lets try it again, there's love, and then its opposite is called hate, and hate is also defined as "neutral apathy". Ahh, interesting, a new phrase, neutral apathy, so what's apathy now?? :O Well, very simply, apathy is "a state of indifference". So, a neutral state of indifference is hate(!!) and opposite of it is love()!!

Ok, now I am not going back to these definitions, but for sure, it cant be these three extremes(yes, 3 extremes, its human emotions, remember?? cant wait for more to come!!!), love, hate, and indiference?? So, what else?? Lets c, so what do you call an emotion, which doesnt qualify for love, but for sure it is some emotion(apathy is too boring u c :P) did I hear liking?? Yeah, here it comes, you may not absolutely love someone or something, but you may still like it, right? Ok, so u reduce the proportions of love, and u reach liking, and u reduce it further u reach
indifference or apathy, and reduce it even more(negative), u reach hate!! Wait a sec, do you really reach hate so easily?? I mean, is there not any equivalent of likeness in negative?? :O Guess there is, a simple dislike.

Uff, its becoming more confusing!! Ahh, I am now having an apathetic feeling towards life, guess am off to himalayas, for the true apathy, "a state of mortification" : And regarding your queries, as they say, "sab moh maya hai" :P