Thursday, December 07, 2006


Zooooomm!!! Ahh just missed, that bus was a daemon, it almost ran over me! Arrey, you should wait a little bit more. It is all about right timing. You have reached here, are in a hurry,and god whole city seems to have come on roads. That too from this very direction, and why the hell these policewalahs have to stand here, why dont they simply put the red lights into service? You scream in your heart, arrey uncle(sounds more civilized then mammu) this junta will take a century to pass by, are you going to make us(u actually meant me only) wait till then.

Then u see one, two, three buses pass by, and simply keep on cribbing your luck, waise what can you do more than that. You are also very sure that once you manage to reach there not even a single bus will come.

Isn't it always so true in life, what u want most in life, what is most important to you at that moment , becomes most elusive , but when u r standing at a distance, it all seems so enticingly simple and get able. Grass is always greener on the other side.

Screeetch!!!... Wat was that, oh that bloody car broke his bicycle, see at that tyre, it seems like he will have to reinvent the wheel!! That fellow should have waited a little more, just a few seconds, and he would have been crushed under those wheels, and just a few seconds more, he would have been right on his way, probably till the next crossroad!!

Oh, finally uncle has whistled the traffic to stop, but to no avail!! Who listens to these whistles, and who the hell believes in following rules! They will stop only when they will be forced to!! So, we at least will now reach half way mark. But then you think about the other path, offo had you used your brains, and crossed from the other side, you could well have avoided this stretch of red light :( No, but wasn't that a long way! Alright, I got what you are thinking, short cut is not a way to success, you had to go the whole hog, take longer routes to reach your destinations, but as they say you reach your destination early if you avoid short cuts. But, would it have been worthy of the effort?! I mean, think of it, would you really have caught that bus?? Wouldn't you still be waiting for the bus to arrive and thinking about the greener grass on the other side?!?!

Oh, finally traffic has been stopped, you now can walk across, and yes, you are right, start waiting!! And in the meantime, also pitying the poor people, who seem so hassled to cross the road. Why the hell do they seem in such a hurry? Why can't they just wait a bit more? Why can't they just leave a bit early so as to avoid the hassles of crossroads? How stupid, if they take the other route, they would be here by now!! Yes, life comes full circle!! Yes, you do reach across the crossroads! And yes, you will reach the next .....

On the crossroads of life,

When you and life are having a fight!

Just try to see others plight!

And let your imagination take a flight!