Tuesday, August 01, 2006


A bus carrying innocent children drowns in a river, 6 children die, 6 families in grief, undoubtedly makes for a biiiiiig news!! but what grief, u ask to one such channel walah, and the reply -- oh that tamasha that some stupid, idiotic kind of people go through, when something wrong happens, but this when shown repeatedly to viewers, result in really high TRPs. and death, oh that thing , after which a person behaves so strangely, doesnt even pose properly for the camera, but even that pose brings loads of ads!!! and yes the thing they are there for, "news" now what's that -- arrey that drama that u have to create around any stupid incident to bring in more sponsors!

i m even drained out of exclamations to react to this new found idea of news, such sorbid state of grief and such beautifull poses of death! and yes not to forget the new concept of heroes, and martyrs in the society being created again by the same channel walas.

well, i know this had been frowned upon at endless occassions and unknown number of places, so i will not start it all again right now. but, where do we come into the picture, can we do something. should we not stop raising the TRPs of such channels, can we not simply change channels when one such incident is being daramatised and traumatised upon, why are their "Sadist Mentality Service" requests getting our bulk responses, why can't we just start to make us count or rather simply reduce the count that depends on us?

Let us all stand up and move away from screens and simply not be counted whenever they are screening "Death" or "Trauma" or "Grief" or "Tragedy". Let us all rather be counted in winning back the glory and importance of news. Let us stand up to salute the real Martyrs rather than forcing the whole country into martyrdom courtesy these "News Sellers".

Hope this is not like just another news........

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