Thursday, December 07, 2006


Zooooomm!!! Ahh just missed, that bus was a daemon, it almost ran over me! Arrey, you should wait a little bit more. It is all about right timing. You have reached here, are in a hurry,and god whole city seems to have come on roads. That too from this very direction, and why the hell these policewalahs have to stand here, why dont they simply put the red lights into service? You scream in your heart, arrey uncle(sounds more civilized then mammu) this junta will take a century to pass by, are you going to make us(u actually meant me only) wait till then.

Then u see one, two, three buses pass by, and simply keep on cribbing your luck, waise what can you do more than that. You are also very sure that once you manage to reach there not even a single bus will come.

Isn't it always so true in life, what u want most in life, what is most important to you at that moment , becomes most elusive , but when u r standing at a distance, it all seems so enticingly simple and get able. Grass is always greener on the other side.

Screeetch!!!... Wat was that, oh that bloody car broke his bicycle, see at that tyre, it seems like he will have to reinvent the wheel!! That fellow should have waited a little more, just a few seconds, and he would have been crushed under those wheels, and just a few seconds more, he would have been right on his way, probably till the next crossroad!!

Oh, finally uncle has whistled the traffic to stop, but to no avail!! Who listens to these whistles, and who the hell believes in following rules! They will stop only when they will be forced to!! So, we at least will now reach half way mark. But then you think about the other path, offo had you used your brains, and crossed from the other side, you could well have avoided this stretch of red light :( No, but wasn't that a long way! Alright, I got what you are thinking, short cut is not a way to success, you had to go the whole hog, take longer routes to reach your destinations, but as they say you reach your destination early if you avoid short cuts. But, would it have been worthy of the effort?! I mean, think of it, would you really have caught that bus?? Wouldn't you still be waiting for the bus to arrive and thinking about the greener grass on the other side?!?!

Oh, finally traffic has been stopped, you now can walk across, and yes, you are right, start waiting!! And in the meantime, also pitying the poor people, who seem so hassled to cross the road. Why the hell do they seem in such a hurry? Why can't they just wait a bit more? Why can't they just leave a bit early so as to avoid the hassles of crossroads? How stupid, if they take the other route, they would be here by now!! Yes, life comes full circle!! Yes, you do reach across the crossroads! And yes, you will reach the next .....

On the crossroads of life,

When you and life are having a fight!

Just try to see others plight!

And let your imagination take a flight!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Tanha itna bhi nahin, ke zindagi bilkul bore lagey!
Log itne bhi nahin ki awaazein bilkul shore lagey!!

Udaasi itni bh nahin, ke zindagi kati patang ki dore lagey!
Khushi itni bhi nahin, ki zindagi nachta hua mor lagey!!

Zindagi main paana bahut hai abhi!!!
Thoda khone se fir kyun zindagi itni sour lagey?!?!

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Thoda dheere chalo rahi manzil aa hi jayegi.

Zindagi apna rasta khud banayegi

Khushiyon ke peeche bhagte ho kyun is tarah

Gamon ko raste se kat-tey ho kyun is tarah

Gamon se ye zindagi khud daman churayegi

Khushiyon bhari zameen akhir mil hi jayegi

Thoda dheere chalo rahi manzil aa hi jayegi.

Zindagi apna rasta khud banayegi

Ik talaash mein rahi jab yun aye they tum

Ik deewangi si chhayi thi jab woh dhun

Kab socha tha ye talaash itni door layegi

Kab socha tha ye talaash ye sab gul khilayegi

Thoda dheere chalo rahi manzil aa hi jayegi.

Zindagi apna rasta khud banayegi

Kehte hain dhoondhne se khuda bhi milta hai

Kehte hain khilane se gul har koi khilta hai

Zindagi main khuda ki khudai rang zaroor layegi

Zindagi ke daman main gulon ki bahar bhi ayegi

Thoda dheere chalo rahi manzil aa hi jayegi.

Zindagi apna rasta khud banayegi

Rasta mushkil hai par kat hi jata hai

Manzil door hai par mil hi jati hai

Thoda dheere chalo rahi manzil mil hi jayegi.

Zindagi apna rasta khud banayegi

Thursday, August 03, 2006


This World is not big enough for you and me...
This World is not big enough for you and me...
So lets go and find a new world!!
A new world, big enough for all of us
A new world, big enough for all of them
A new world, big enough for you and me
A world, big enough for egos echo to be lost
A world, big enough for global ethos to be found
A world, big enough for peace between you and me
This World is not big enough
So lets go and find a new world, big enough for you and me

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


A bus carrying innocent children drowns in a river, 6 children die, 6 families in grief, undoubtedly makes for a biiiiiig news!! but what grief, u ask to one such channel walah, and the reply -- oh that tamasha that some stupid, idiotic kind of people go through, when something wrong happens, but this when shown repeatedly to viewers, result in really high TRPs. and death, oh that thing , after which a person behaves so strangely, doesnt even pose properly for the camera, but even that pose brings loads of ads!!! and yes the thing they are there for, "news" now what's that -- arrey that drama that u have to create around any stupid incident to bring in more sponsors!

i m even drained out of exclamations to react to this new found idea of news, such sorbid state of grief and such beautifull poses of death! and yes not to forget the new concept of heroes, and martyrs in the society being created again by the same channel walas.

well, i know this had been frowned upon at endless occassions and unknown number of places, so i will not start it all again right now. but, where do we come into the picture, can we do something. should we not stop raising the TRPs of such channels, can we not simply change channels when one such incident is being daramatised and traumatised upon, why are their "Sadist Mentality Service" requests getting our bulk responses, why can't we just start to make us count or rather simply reduce the count that depends on us?

Let us all stand up and move away from screens and simply not be counted whenever they are screening "Death" or "Trauma" or "Grief" or "Tragedy". Let us all rather be counted in winning back the glory and importance of news. Let us stand up to salute the real Martyrs rather than forcing the whole country into martyrdom courtesy these "News Sellers".

Hope this is not like just another news........

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Anatomy of a name !!!!

Someone(naming will be a gr8 disservice to him!! waise the language we use nowadays is newayz a gr8 disservice to him, but that sometime later!!!) once famously said : "What's in a name?" . uff but ask me!!
first of all my birth, I was destined to be born in the same era, when the "Love Story" was still so young and Bunty the Hero was still so adorable!! he only helped in people "bajaoing my ghanti"!! yes! the name that became my identity before i got another(my official identity) superb name :'( . and see the fallacy, yash raj films after a good 23 years decided to make another movie with the hero again donning(or rather conning) the same name and released it on the same ill fated day(my bday i mean), and the fun with my first(nick) name continues......

then my parents going against the stars and family pundits recommendations, decided to award me a name that guaranteed me the company of atleast one other person and loads of confusion, wherever i went. but why the confusion?? hmmm, ever imagined calling somebody and saying "hello aunty, how r u? saurabh this side, can I talk to saurabh please!!" and the reply would invariably be wwwwwwhat?????????? or responding to a call just to realise it was not meant for you!! and yes not to forget the various complements(!!!!) i keep on getting for my (in)famous namesake! dada match ke liye practice kar li !!! and of late, dada chamach ki jagah bat zyada use kiya hota toh chapal se aisi pitai nahin hoti!!!

but the real comedy comes in next, yes see my tragedy :( , my name is a comedy. i am talking about the name with which most of my friends call me, and many even felt that it is my real name!!. tutu as i always understood it, but it does have its variations too -- like tuttu or tuutu or 22!! see he is one only, its just that people like to call him by different names ;)

i break(tuttu) quite often!! and i m never alone, becoz i m always 2-2!! and yes i shud always be challaned coz 22 people are not allowed on a single vehicle!! and the list goes on..................

waise i share my name with the a famous archbishop and also with a russian skirt and one flop bollywood producer, all reasons good enough for the continuity of comedy!!

chalo i guess enough of my names, but i guess i will not be able to agree to the quote i begun with!! but before i say tata ;) here's another final( and most fabulous too) example of what i meant , a poetry for my name :

tutu ke tutne se tut-ti hain tutiyan...
tutiyon ke tutne se tut-ta hai tutu....